Khoder Chaabou

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Khoder has studied economics and specialized in banking and it´s regulation. His major subjects were, banking and finance, behavioral economics and insurance regulation. Khoders diploma thesis Title is "Financial Risks in Islamic Finance and Banking" and basically covered the questions on financial risks in conventional and Islamic finance and how to deal with them, further negotiations in Islamic culture as a risk minimizing procedure and its Outcome.

Khoder did project work in the following areas and was thus able to supplement and deepen his knowledge:

Account Management Risk Management Accounting Management Reporting Performance Optimization Banking Outsourcing Offshoring Negative Interest Compliance Trade Finance Anti-Money-Laundering Test Management SAP Success Factors NICE Actimize RCM Service Now Continuous Service Improvement etc.

Khoder continuously took courses to develop his strengths and became certified. Due to his broad professional background he quickly familiarizes with new topics, thinks and acts sovereign in new circumstances. In various project assignments in small to large and complex projects, he has worked in the roles project manager, sub-project manager and test manager. He is enthusiastic about the project work because different people come together, share knowledge and realize great results together



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